Hello and welcome!

My name is Anna,

Thank you for joining me here at Heaven and Earth Devotions! I’m a proud daughter of our Heavenly Father as well as a homemaker, and mother of three beautiful blessings.

Surprise!… Even as followers of Christ we all fall short of godliness and perfection (as if you already didn’t know). Life can definitely get the best of us.

We are all trying to live this thing we call life.  We don’t have all the answers and we’re not going to have all the answers.  How else are we going to learn?  How else are we going to know anything except through our experiences?  The Lord deals with us all individually, He lovenly guides us through this life in our experiences.  Our experiences teach us a lot about ourselves and the decisions we’ve been making. The good thing is we’re not alone, and we have an amazing Father who loves us immensely. His grace, strength and guidance can get us through the most difficult situations.  We achieve this through our relationship with Him.

So how do we maintain and build our relationship with the Lord and avoid our life’s circumstances from interfering? We do this by staying in His word and through continual prayer to Him for guidance.

I created this site in hopes that it will help you stay in the Lords word, and to teach you how to apply it to your own life.  This is an opportunity for us as the family of Christ to grow together in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I still believe the best way to stay in the Lords word is to read the Bible, and I encourage you to do so, as it can do much more for you then what I can do.

Here in this site you will find devotions written by me to inspire and encourage you in your faith, so that you may deepen your relationship with God.  My goal is to also teach you how to apply scripture to your own life so that you may start living with the authority and power that God has given you.  It’s time to stop being the victim and start becoming the overcomer!

I pray that the Lord can use me as a vessel to reach many of you out there. I also pray that these devotions can help and inspire you as they do me to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and assist you through real life. God Bless You!

Your sister in Christ,


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