Faith | Humility | Pride | Mindset | Family | Love | Hardship | Self-Examination | Virtue | Time-Management | Gratitude | Patience | Strength | Our True Identity | Wisdom | Growth | Self Control

I pray that these devotions guide and encourage you in your life. I also pray that they draw you closer to the Lord and strengthen your relationship with Him.


Devotionals about Faith:

Faith with action

A committed faith

Rest for my soul

To obey God is to love God

Belief is not enough


Devotionals about Humility:

Blessed are the humble at heart

True humility


Devotionals about Pride:

Justice will be served

Devotionals about Mindset:

Guard your mind

God’s Will

Live consciously. Be wise in your actions.

Renew your mind

For as a man thinks, so he is

Press on 

To be spiritually-minded is life


Devotionals about Family:

Building or Destroying Homes?



Devotionals about Love:


Devotionals about Hardship:

I will not fear change

Press on

The struggle is only part of the story

A Fools Folly


Devotionals about Self Examination:

Where is your heart?

Self-reflection promotes change in your life

There is no hope in idols

Conviction vs. Condemnation

Heart matters

Effective prayer life

Which spirit are you filled with?

I will not be enslaved

The danger of hypocrisy


Devotionals about Virtue:

Overcoming our impulses 

Living like there is a God

A heart of honor

True beauty


Devotionals about Time Management:

Time Management

Give me Jesus

Lord, direct my steps 


Devotionals about Gratitude:

A heart of thankfulness


Devotionals about Patience: 

I will abide


Devotionals about Forgiveness: 

Help me to do the impossible


Devotionals about Strength:

I will not be shaken

Don’t give up

Stand firm


Devotionals about Our True Identity:

Out of darkness into the light

Race and Gender

God’s power in us

Our identity through Christ 

Woman after God’s own heart


Devotionals about Wisdom: 

Wisdom and Understanding

God’s hidden wisdom

Woman of Wisdom

Bible knowledge or Spirit knowledge?

Devotionals about Growth:

A work in progress

The danger of complacency

Do not be afraid 

Devotionals about Self Control: 

Do not repay evil for evil 

Commit yourself to God