Faith with Action


James 2:17

“Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Many times this verse is quoted and explained as such, that a believers true faith will produce good works. Which basically means that faith can be seen in a believers life through their observable good works or changed behaviors. Good works can be explained as a persons good deeds in keeping the commandments of God and abstaining from sinful acts. This explanation is in fact true although, not only does genuine faith produce good works in ones life but it also issues a life lived in obedience to God. What this means is that if God has a direction for our life and reveals it to us than we must put it into action and work at it. Having faith alone isn’t going achieve the plan that God has for us. We must actively get involved and do the things we need to do that God has directed us to. We must also have faith that it will happen because God is in control. Our faith grows to maturity and finds its maturity in obedience. This applies to ALL aspects of our lives. Nothing is going to get done without us doing it ourselves but with God’s help and guidance of course. Let us always remember to pray for the Lord to direct our steps and actions so that we may become successful in the things that God has planned for us.