Do Not Repay Evil for Evil


Proverbs 12:16 

“A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

We all know people whom we find “difficult” in one way or another. A difficult person may be one who is condescending, argumentative, belligerent, selfish, or simply rude. Difficult people seem to know just how to “push one’s buttons” and stir up trouble. It’s important to remember that their attitudes and demeanor are an outward display of what is taking place in their hearts. Keep in mind that you can’t control situations or people, but you can choose how you’ll respond to them. Don’t give them an excuse to further spread their attitude and negativity. Jesus is a great model for dealing with difficult people. He showed authority under control. He used rebuke when necessary, but He also dealt with difficult people by remaining silent, asking questions or pointing them to Scripture. Let’s not give anyone the power over our responses. If we keep our hearts focused in the right place our attitudes will, too. The only thing we have to lose by choosing a positive attitude in a confrontational situation is a negative one. And a negative one will only fuel the fire if we choose tit for tat. May we be careful not to become the “difficult people” ourselves!