Everything is the Lord’s


1 Chronicles 29:14

“Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.”

We belong to God and so does everything we have. Our careers, our family, our home all belongs to God and so does our health, the beat of our heart, and the breath we draw in our lungs. It is all a gift from God to us. Nothing we have was obtained on our own, God gave us the talents and the ability to obtain success and everything we have. We should always remember where our resources truly come from, and always seek ways to honor God with the things that He has given us. Because just like they were given to us by God, they can also be taken away. Which is why it’s important to never take advantage of anything or anyone in our lives because it is all temporary and given to us only for a period of time. When we live in the light of these truths, we live with the awareness that we are managers, not owners; that we are caretakers of God’s assets, which he has entrusted to us. Let us value and take care of what God has given us and never forget to give back. May we also never forget or neglect God and dedicate some time every day to pray, give thanks and read the Word of God.