Hope For The Broken-hearted


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.- Psalm 147:3

God is there for us when our heart feels like it is shattered. The most important first step anyone can do during their time of sorrow is turn to Him. He will not only fix our broken heart, He will open it up to the amazing things life has to offer for our future. We should learn to trust in His plan for us. God works in mysterious and awesome ways. God has a perfect love. When we allow God to heal our broken heart, we allow Him to embrace us and love us the way only He could. We may feel broken still, however with time it will begin to vanish. God’s healing power is in His perfect love, a perfect love that casts out all doubts, fears and anxiety. By embracing this love we are embracing God for the divine creator He is. He will come through for us, as God will never leave our side. By obeying His word, reading the Bible and making a commitment to Him, God will provide us with the tools necessary to move on and grow. We should always remember to let go of any resentment and bitterness we are holding onto and give the anxiety up to the Lord. God will help remove all the bitterness in our heart and replace it with joy, gratitude and peace. There is hope for the broken-hearted and that is a new heart!