Jesus Is My Anchor


Hebrews 6:19

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Life can be challenging; from balancing schedules, daily routines, to maintaining relationships/friendships…it’s no wonder we occasionally become overwhelmed. In this verse, I love the analogy of “hope as an anchor” because it manifests a perfect depiction of what our hope does for our souls. Through our challenges, like a ship tossed around in a storm, we can drift in a sea of uncontrollable waves. But our hope in God serves as an anchor when we go through life’s challenges. Jesus is the anchor and He firmly secures us to the bed of the sea so that we no longer drift about. We may have stormy times but we are held firmly by the anchor of our hope. May we cling to our anchor (Jesus) when we feel lost/overwhelmed and find rest in knowing He is with us continually giving us hope.