More of Him, Less of Me


John 3:30 

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

In this generation there is so much emphasis on “self,” we are bombarded with this idea everywhere. It is prevalent and inspired by everyone and it’s a concept that this whole world has adopted. Yet, in this day in age why is depression and suicide at its all time highest? Well…I’ll tell you this much, it’s not because people aren’t forcing enough good feelings about themselves. My next blog will go more into detail about this subject.

Let us put off our garments of selfishness and be clothed in Christ. Give Him the dominion in our lives. He must increase as we must decrease. He must become greater within us. His will, His way of life and the will of our heavenly Father must be put first in our lives.

To have the mind of Jesus Christ is to be filled with compassion and love, to know the will of God for our lives and live daily in obedience to it. Let Jesus become greater in us each and everyday.