Justice will be served

If you say you believe and have faith in God, is your life a reflection of this? Do you live your life to please yourself and your own desires or do you live your life to please God? Do you even know what pleases God? If you’re living your life for your own pleasure, comfort and happiness…ask yourself this question. Where in the Bible does it say this is how we are to live our lives? Doesn’t it say that we are to deny ourselves and take up our own cross (Matthew 16:24). Taking up our own cross is having to go through our own hardship. However, through that hardship we are to be learning the lessons and turning from our selfish ways. I’m not saying all of this to conclude that we are to live miserable unhappy lives. Instead, I say this because having faith is putting ALL of your trust into Jesus (Proverbs 3:5-6). He only wants what is best for us, not to live miserable unhappy lives, but to be free from ALL that inslaves us. We are slaves to our pride and our pride affects everyone, not just ourselves (Romans 6:17-23). Don’t you see? What we do and say affects everyone. Our God is a God of love, however don’t forget that He is also a God of justice (Hebrews 10:30), and He has laws that apply to everyone. His law judges everyone, including Christ followers! No exceptions (2 Corinthians 5:20). What we sow we reap, here on earth, and for eternity as well. How we live our life now is how we live our life in eternity. We must learn how to operate from the spirit of God, we must be able to discern his truth from the lies that are in the world. Many people truly believe they are good people, doing good onto others, however they are deceived because they don’t even know what is truly good. Good is called evil and evil is called good. This world has twisted the truth, people are too afraid to say what’s really on their mind because of pride or fear of offending someone. They hold secrets in their hearts and their hearts have become hardened. This world is following a false Jesus, a counterfeit hippie push over Jesus, who is weak and all about the wrong kind of love. This is not the real Jesus and the love that this world teaches is not the love of God. If you follow the ways of this world, you WILL suffer the consequences. Broad is the path to destruction, narrow is the path to the kingdom of heaven.