Renew your mind

Your faith begins to work when you understand what you already have in Christ. Many of us have a knowledge problem, we don’t know what we’ve got in Christ. Faith is based on knowledge. your mind has to be renewed so you can draw this out. We are so well versed in evil, we think of all the possible bad things that can happen. We think of all the negative scenarios. We worry too much…we’ve been conditioned that way. We are too gullible, we believe everything we hear and see. We believe everything people with titles say. Our conditioning has been from our culture, movies, music, entertainment, and social media. We need to come out of that conditioning and recondition our minds to believe only what the word of God says.

If you want to experience God, you’re going to have to change your way of thinking. If you think wrong, you’re going to get wrong results. You limit God by your way of thinking. He moves in your life according to the way you think and believe.