Self-reflection promotes change

Honest self-reflection opens your mind to reprogramming and change.

Self-reflection allows for you to be in a quiet place with God, where you can intimately converse with Him about your experiences and emotions. There will be seasons of conflict and struggles in your life, however, if that begins to be the norm then there is a problem. You need to regularly step back and reflect on your heart and motivations to preserve your own health and faith. You need to pay attention and recognize your own thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors. We all tend to make excuses or lie to ourselves to justify our unhealthy situations. It’s important to catch yourself in those lies or excuses in order to recognize that your heart isn’t where it should be.

Are you basking in self pity, regret, anger, resentment, envy or bitterness? If you are, then that is not where the Lord wants you to be. Sometimes in order to change your unhealthy heart, you need to take a step back and look at your current reality and see it for what it really is. Once you are able to see your current reality without the excuses and lies, you can make the steps towards changing that reality. What changes do you need to make in your life in order to take you out of that unhealthy way of being? Is there someone you need to remove from your life? Is there a change you need to make in your career? Is there a change you need to make in your diet? Is there a change you need to make in your spending? Are you saying what your need to say? Whatever is causing your unhealthy mental loop of thoughts and emotions, is exactly what you need to change in your life. There is a solution to any of your problems, however you will never find that solution if your focus is always on the problem itself. When you focus on your problems, your focus is on all the doubt and fear in your mind. However, when you focus on the solution, your focus is on the hope and faith that God will bring you out of that problem. This is what promotes change in your life, this is what God intends for us to have. He promises a life filled with abundance and joy, not only in heaven but here on earth. However, we need to do it His way, and with His guidance, step by step.