The danger of hypocrisy

Be careful not to dehumanize those you disagree with. In our self-righteousness we can become the very things we criticize in others and not even know it. Become a better person, not for yourself and your own self-righteousness, but for others. So you can truly love unconditionally, have empathy, and be kind to everyone. Remember the Pharisees and how in their self-righteousness they considered themselves to be better than others, however inside they were rotten to the core. They made things hard on others but would not bend to help; they showboated their good works; they expected to be catered to, not to serve; they desired public praise; they loved to receive titles; they looked down on others as inferiors; they taught false doctrines; they heaped greater difficulties on those who already needed help; their sense of judgement was completely skewed; and they were outright hypocrites.